Loss of Shore Power

Q: When I lose power and am plugged into shore power, what should I look for?

A: You could start your generator to see if power is restored. If it is, the most common place to check is the breaker on the pole. If tripped, there may be a bad power source or transfer switch on the shore power side. If you know how, test with a multimeter or take the RV to a repair shop. If generator does not restore power, check breakers on inverter and main panel inside.

Q: If I lose 110v power in only part of the unit, what should I look for?

A: See if you have tripped breakers in your main breaker panel. If they are OK, look at your inverter breakers. If they are OK, check the GFCI outlets in the unit. Reset and reduce load.


J. D. Adams, an RV technician at Elkhart Service and Collision.