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Welcome to the Holiday Rambler Recreational Vehicle Club (HRRVC) National Website. Our members all own a Holiday Rambler recreational vehicle (RV) or one manufactured by Holiday Rambler and live throughout the United States and Canada. Whether they are traveling or participating in rallies, adventures, caravans and campouts, members enjoy loyalty, goodwill and a friendly, family kind of feeling much like a family would. The Website contains lots of information for visitors to learn about the Club and members to stay up to date with what Is happening.

The Club tab contains information on our history, the many benefits of being a member and our organizational structure. Don't let us forget; it also has that all important JOIN button which we are sure you will want to use after seeing the many advantages of membership. You can join online or print the form and use snail mail.

The Event tab contains information on all of the activities that are organized at the National level of the club. Learn about the many kinds of events like rallies, caravans, adventures and tours that provide you with a variety of ways to enjoy your fellow Ramblers and see some spectacular sights and events. Don't miss this information whether you are looking for something in your home area or looking for something to do along the path of your travels across this great country. If you can't find something here, click Regions under the Club tab and it will take you to much, much more that is happening on the regional, state and chapter levels.

The Resources tab contains forms, news, links to other valuable information for RVers and information on the charities that the club supports

The Membership tab contains information that is primarily for members only and requires an ID and password for access. If all of the other info wasn't enough, here you can search the Roster to find other members in your area or in that campground where you are staying. You can also get the current Ramblings magazine, national news, tech tips and utilize the club communication forum (the Forum is back). It also contains the Documents of Governance (DOG) for the club. Of course, this is also where you find that all important button to RENEW your membership. You can renew online, with a form or over the phone.

We hope that the information is organized to allow you to quickly find what you are looking for but just in case we have provided some helpful instructions. We conveniently placed them under the Help tab.

Enjoy the site and we hope you find all of the information you need to JOIN the Club or RENEW your membership. As mentioned before, check out the Regional sites as well for what is happening in your area. If you have questions or comments, please contact the web coordinator.


2017 International Rallies

Western International Rally
April 3-7, 2017

**View information on these rallies**

Eastern International Rally
July 17-22, 2017
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