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Frequently Asked Questions

Adjusting Slides

Q: Good morning, JD. We have a 2005 Navigator and returned from a long adventure this summer and experienced rough roads from time to time. We now have our kitchen slide dragging on one corner. Are these slides adjustable? Can this adjustment be accomplished without removing all of the cabinets? We have always read your articles in Holiday Ramblings and appreciate the information each and every time. I hope someday to meet you and personally Thank you very much. Al

A: Hello, Al. Yes, those should be adjustable with rollers if we are talking about your p/s main slide out. Normally, you may have a couple of the rollers that mount from the bottom side of your bays hitting your floor. These you can access from the bays. Then you will have a couple that may mount from the inside of the slide out to the floor of the interior of the coach. Those can be reached, also. Normally there is a false panel or the bottom of the cabinet that will need to come up to get to them. You can adjust them from there. However, remember that when doing the adjustments, you are adjusting a box and whatever you do to one corner will affect the others, and you may need to adjust all rollers.

J. D. Adams, an RV technician at Elkhart Service and Collision. Please address your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (574) 522-9000
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