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Frequently Asked Questions

Winterizing a Unit

Q. Could you give me the details on winterizing my unit? I can't make heads or tails of what the manual says.

A. On the winterizing of the unit you can either do it by air or with antifreeze. If you do it by air then just drain all your water tanks. Then pull the drain on your hot water heater and pull your ice maker line off and let the water drain out. (Leave your ice maker line open.) Open all the faucets hot and cold. Once that's done, you can use air to blow out all your lines. Then just take antifreeze and put some in all of your p-traps. If you have a washer/dryer, you will need to put a gallon in it and run a cycle.

If doing it by all antifreeze then you will do the same. However make sure you put your water plug back in the hot water tank after you drain it and then turn your bypass valve to ensure you will not be getting antifreeze in the tank. Then hook your ice maker line back up and pump fluid throughout the line until you see pink come out of all faucets.

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