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Coach Ride Height

Q. I have a question about the ride height of my motorhome which is a 2013 Holiday Rambler Ambassador 36PFT. Recently, I was driving it locally just to help keep everything in working order. I generally do this every three weeks or so. As I slowed for a red light the engine stalled and, to make a long story short, it had to be towed in for engine repairs. A heavy duty roll back wrecker was used to take it to the shop and in the process of off-loading it all of the air was pretty much used up in the air brake system.

The dealer made the repairs and I picked up the coach and drove it home. After a thorough cleaning I parked it in the barn for another three weeks or so. The other day I started it up and drove it around. After parking it in the barn, I noticed it leans more to the driver's side than it used to. I need to mention that it has always leaned a little to the driver's side and I was led to believe this is done intentionally to allow for the coach to be somewhat level on the crown of the typical road. And in fact when we were in the coach driving down the road we never felt as if anything leaned to one side. Does the air ride height level just need an adjustment or should I be looking for another problem? I am aware that I will need to get the recommended height level from the factory. I've had the coach for two years and have about 21,000 miles on it.

A. Sorry to hear all the problems you had. However on the question at hand. Yes you should be able to adjust the ride height and get it back to being closer than it is now for you. There should be two valves in the back that adjust the side to side and once you get the spec's from the factory and do the proper measuring as needed you will know if you need to raise one side or lower the other to straighten it up. But I do feel this will cure your issue.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TAKE IT TO SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO THIS WORK. You have to be under the unit and that can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

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