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Frequently Asked Questions

Roof Caulk

Q. We have a 2013 34sbd vacationer and on the roof where the front cap meets the roof and also at the back cap the seams have to be resealed. What type of caulk should be used? How thick should it be applied and how much is needed to do the job? If part of the seam still has a solid seal do I just coat over it or is it best to remove all of the old caulk and start from there? Does the caulk need to be painted?

A. On the roof sealant first we like to use what we call roof seam tape to seal across the front and rear seams. Then use clear silicone on just the four corners where it goes over the paint. If you have a white sealant that looks like caulking already over the seam then you can use that again. This should be self-leveling sealant called Dicor which you can get at most all RV places.

If it is not too thick in most cases you can just clean the old off and make sure no dirt and soil is on it and then you can just overlay it and it will stick to itself. Just make sure you have a paint brush ready. As it self-levels just use the brush to flatten it out some. However, again on the corners you still will want to stick with silicone as the self-leveling is going to be white.

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