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Frequently Asked Questions

Leveling on a Slope

Q. Due to the slope of my drive way if I try to level the coach the front wheels come off of the pavement. The manual does not recommend that we do this. Is this something that we can do?

A. On the tires coming off the ground I would first try to put some blocks under the jacks and see if that brings the tires back down. The reason is, with most of HR and Monaco units they mount the jacks on an upper frame and the axles to a lower one so if your tires are off the ground. Let's say three inches then put 3-4" under the jack and it will bring the tires back down. If on this unit that is not the case (because there were some gas units this will not work) then just take the same idea, meaning if the tires come off so many inches when you level in your driveway then just make blocks you can drive your tires onto in the front then put your front jack down just to touch and give strength. Then you should be level.

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