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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have difficulty viewing or accessing any portion of the web site please follow these steps:

  1. Note the name of the page you have difficulty viewing. All page names are at top below the banner. 
  2. If the page does not come up, what link did you use to attempt to view the page? Note page name and name of the link
  3. What browser are you using? Internet Explorer? Firefox? Safari?
  4. Look for the version number of your browser by selecting Help, then About. This will display the version number
  5. Were you logged into the web site at the time?
  6. Describe the error you received. Example: "The page is running off to the right side" or "I chose the Update button after editing my profile and nothing happened" Describing what happened and how you reached the problem allows me to better replicate the problem then correct it.

Once you have all the information, please send me an email either through the contact form or use the email link on my contact details page. I will respond with an email after I try to duplicate the error.


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