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Q. What does it mean my membership is blocked or expired?

A.This happens because as members privileges are removed due to non-renewal of membership in HRRVC. A member is blocked from entering the site using their HRRVC number. If you pass your renewal date and your membership becomes blocked since it has expired, the site will show a message with this information. When you do renew, if it has been less than three months, your login is unlocked and all your information will remain intact. After three months time, your information is removed entirely from the web site.

To renew, either send in the completed renewal form by mail (preferred) or complete the online renewal form.

Note: Since members are not removed entirely when they are blocked, the member count on the home page remains unchanged. However, the roster is the most current count for membership and will only display those members who are active. In otherwords, if a member is blocked, other members will not find the blocked members information on the roster.

Last Updated on Saturday, 14 April 2012 09:43

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