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About HRRVC and Annual Schedule

This section describes the Holiday Rambler Club events, which includes rallies, caravans, adventures and local chapter campouts. These events are organized by experienced volunteers so attendees have little planning to do other than finding their way to the event. A calendar of events is provided below so we are certain that you will find something to enjoy along the way.

A Rally is an event where a group of HRRVC members (Holiday Rambler RV owners, who are not HRRVC members are invited to attend) camp together at one location for several days. During these days they attend educational seminars and craft workshops, participate in games and enjoy meals and entertainment together. Holiday Rambler RV units are commonly displayed at the National, Regional and State rallies.

A Caravan is a group (usually 15 to 25 for the HRRVC caravans) of RVers that travel together to more than one location to see and do things of interest along the route.

An Adventure is when a group of RVers go to a single camping location to enjoy the local activities and scenery, such as the Calgary Stampede. The local chapter campouts are usually two or three days in duration and are held at one location. Details of the National events are presented here on the National Website, while the Regional, State and Chapter events are described on their respective Regional Websites

The HRRVC caravan and adventures events are planned and run by experienced HRRVC Wagonmasters, who are volunteers. These events range from a week or two for the adventures up to nearly sixty days for the Newfoundland or Alaska caravans, consisting of as many as 10 to 15 different camping locations. Since all the planning and arrangements are done by the Wagonmaster, those taking these events can fully enjoy themselves without having to worry about where they are camp the next night or what they should see or do. Since these events are run by unpaid volunteers, their costs are less than similar events run by the commercial tour companies. In addition to the Wagonmaster the Holiday Rambler Club caravans run with a trained RV service technician, which is there to help should one have a mechanical problem with their RV. The following are the 2018 HRRVC events:

Reservations are being taken for the following 2018 HRRVC event:

Date Event Location
June 4-8, 2018 Eastern International Rally Harrington, DE
July 15-July 7, 2018 New England Caravan  NY-VT-NH-ME-MA-RI
September 7-26, 2018 Four Corners Caravan  

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