RV Parking Procedures And Directions

The International rally is rapidly approaching and the parking crew is getting ready to put you in your place. Whether it's raining or blistering hot, they will be there to assist in safely parking your RV.

I remember being parked at the SESR a number of years ago. Three parkers were giving me contradictory directions at the same time. I stopped the RV, set the brake, and told the nearest parker I could only follow directions from one person. We then proceeded to park. I have not noticed this problem in the recent past.


When arriving at a rally, be prepared to unhook the towed vehicle, or arrive already disconnected. After the smiling registration team clears you, you need to watch for the smiling parkers and follow their instructions. They are there to protect your wheel estate and the people parked next to and behind. Focus on the one giving signals, and do what he/she indicates which way the back end is to go if backing into the site. If at any time, you can no longer see the person giving signals, stop the vehicle until you can. If you stop moving, he will come to the window to see why you aren't moving. Explain that you couldn't see the directions, or the directions weren't clear. Better to talk now than have more explaining to do later.

Parking: Left Signal
Parking: Right Side
Parking: Slow Down
Parking: Back Up Room
Parking: Straight Back
Parking: Stop

Last Updated on Monday, 18 April 2016 17:01