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Annual Club Forms

2018 Annual Form-2 and Form 10 need to be completed by January 15, 2018 and will continue to available through the year for any revisions.

For best viewing and accessibility of each form, please use either Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Using any type of an integrated browser through a provider such as AOL or MSN will not display correctly.

When members are logged in, you can find the menu links for the forms under "Members Only" then "Annual Forms". There is only one link for form-2 and one link for form-10. For entering a new form or revising it, you'll choose form-2 or form-10.

Direct link to Form-10 and Form-2

Form-2 - Must be completed first

The instructions below are basic, and each page has simple highlighted steps to follow. The program knows if you filed in a previous year and will automatically take you to the correct page. At the time you submit your form, you can choose to save it as a Excel file and/or print the form.

  1. If this is your first time the chapter is entering the form: To view members that you need to include in the form, you will be first shown the state/province you entered on first page. After you have checked and selected this states members, you can easily switch to another state to add members who have a different state other than where the chapter is located. The next page shows you your list and allows you to enter the officers. Here you can also add more members by choosing the "Add More Members" button. Otherwise, the next page will just display your form-2. You can either return to add/subtract members or submit the form. You will be able to print out the form at the end, when you submit it. Please do not share the information in form-2 with anyone outside of HRRVC.
  2. If you have filed the form online last year: After entering the first page information, the next page will display the list of last years members (excluding any member who is not active). To add more members, follow the steps highlighted on the page. Choose the state the member resides in (make sure to click the "Select State" button, then choose the member from the drop down list. To remove a member(s) from the chapter list, check their name(s) and choose "Removed Checked". Once you're settled on the list, choose "Submit Form".  The form for the officers is also available to fill in on this page. Make sure you "Save Officers".
  3. Revising your form-2: Revising your form takes the same steps as #2 above. 

Form-10 - Form-2 required to be completed before you can enter your information.
You will be able to print out the events you entered in the form at the end, once you submit the form.

  1. When you have completed form-2, you can enter form-10. First time in for the year, you will have a blank event calendar. Use the text box to enter your event, choose the start date and then the end date. The date range is for the next season, Jan-Dec. Then submit this event. Repeat for each event you have for your chapter. The calendar will update and automatically arrange according to the dates you entered.
  2. Once you are done entering, choose to review the schedule. On this page if you need to make changes, click the button to change events. If you made a mistake on the event, it is best to check the box on the far right of the calendar for that event then click remove checked. Then enter that event again and submit the event.
  3. To Revise your current schedule: You can only revise your schedule after you have submitted a form-10. Just go back to form-10 in the menu, enter your information and your schedule will display with some editing functions. Each event has a Edit button at the far right. Make the changes to the description or date and update the event. Or if you need to remove it you have that choice when you click the edit button. Below your schedule is a Add new event button. When your done revising the form, choose the "Review Form 10" button. From this page you can go back and make changes ("Change Events" button) or "Submit Form 10".
Form-10 will be available to all logged in HRRVC members under Review Chapter Schedules. For a limited time, you can view event schedules from this year and the up coming year. Only the chapters completing the schedule online will have their events available for all members to view.

More Information:
  • If you do not see a member listed, it is because they do have not have an active membership. Give them a call and let them know.
  • If you do not see a member listed, check the state where they may be for the winter months.
  • Both forms provide buttons to navigate the form. Please utilize these. Do Not Use the back or forward buttons in your browser (ie. Internet Explorer). Doing so could corrupt your form and not submit properly.
  • Both forms will notify your particular director that you have completed the form. This happens each time you submit (new or revision).
  • Once you are done with both forms, there is nothing else you need to do. Your director will send the information to your state manager.
  • You can save your form as an Excel file and/or print it out.
  • Form-10 will be available through out the year for chapters to make revisions in order to keep their event schedule updated.

Event Schedules
Just as chapter events used to be available in the Ramblings, they will now be available online. As chapters submit their form-10, all logged in members can view any chapters events by going to Annual Forms, under the Members Only menu and choosing Review Chapter Schedules.

Each form allows you to print out just a copy of the form when using the provided print button. A link is also available to immediately download an Excel formatted sheet of your entire form. Formatted with the extension "xls". For form-2, this will be your only  available copy of your submission. If you need another copy, please contact your regional director.

If you do not have Excel, there are a few other choices:

  1. Someone in your chapter may have the program and can print it out.
  2. Download a free program, Open Office. This file is compatible with it and more information can be found in the Help section which explains more and offers a link to the web site.
  3. Utilized Google Drive (formerly Google Docs). More information can be found in the Help section.

If you are having difficulty using this new online form, please contact the webmaster directly. Using either the contact form on the page or click/copy the email address.

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