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The members of Chapter 444 and the Coblentz family can tell you just how long, 5 years. At about the same time HRRVC Chapter #444, Ramblin’ Builders, started planning and saving for the ‘build’ to coincide with the Goshen 2008 HRRVC rally, Mary Coblentz started praying for an affordable home for her and daughters Ashley and Carla.

The Chapter teams, listed below, logged in 1862 volunteer hours to build the home in Bristol, IN. Mary and her two daughters were on hand to help build their home. As of 9/8/08 they had not moved into their home. The closing is to take place soon. Actually the closing may in fact be complete by the time you read this.

All HRRVC members deserve a big “well done” for their generosity in support of the project with their donations and purchase of raffle tickets and membership in Chapter 444 Ramblin’ Builders. Chapter, state and regional donations were greatly appreciated as well as the abundant goodwill extended to the ‘build’ project by HRRVC members. We must not forget the Monaco Corporation contributions to this project.

HRRVC President, Phil Cline, visited the work site and extended his congratulations to the members for their efforts. The following 2 teams were instrumental in the building of this home in Bristol.

Team I (July 12-26)
Dennis & Nancy Hill (Team Leaders)
Jery & Linda Chase
Tim & Terri Gallagher
Robert & Mary Ireland
Roger & Nancy Dyke
Sam & Jan Daniel
Art & Marylou Kollash
Bob & Carole O’Donnel

Team II (August 9-23)
Ted & Bev Cafferty (Team Leaders)
Bob Boxell
James & Mary Niven
Robert & Mary Ireland
Marv & Jean Rozenbloom
Dean & Donna Davis
Art & Marylou Kollash
Bob & Carole O’Donnel

Local volunteers were also on hand from time to time to help on the project

At the dedication on August 23, 2008, Mary Coblentz was given the keys to her home.

REMINDER: The ‘Ramblin’ Builders continue to have home ‘builds’, so keep up your generous donations.

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