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Habitat for Humanity at HRRVC Rally, CH 444

Special interest Chapter 444 Ramblin’ Builders sponsored the Habitat for Humanity booth at the International Rally in Sedalia. Lynn Yeargain from Texas kindly took responsibility for organizing the booth and raffle. The following volunteers assisted Lynn in managing the booth activities: Paul & Mary Brand, Roger & Nancy Dyke, Doris Williams, Bob & Mary Ireland, Art & Lou Kullasch, Donna & Aubrey Clark, Dianne & Jim Turner, Judy White, Hilda & Ray Nichols and Joe Herron.


The states of Louisiana, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arkansas, New York and New Mexico generously donated their very special state products baskets to the Habitat raffle. Other contributors of interesting items to raffle were Erwin Peake, Wanda Smith, Doug & Mary Lou MacGregor, Roger & Nancy Dyke, and Doris Williams. A cash contribution to Habitat was made by Indiana Chapter 427. These groups and individuals along with the booth volunteers worked hard to raise money for Habitat. A special thank you goes to all.

Lastly, the raffle winners were Al Latuska, Ed Carter, Bob Harrison, Del Staab, Ernst Jolas, Trudy Terribile, Joann Jones, Laverne Rockhold, Ken Jones, Elaine Mulder, Linda Bialowas, Ann Saverland, Mary Beine, Hannah Griffey, Sheila Sherril and Carl Hallada.

The proceeds from the raffle and contributions came to $1134. This money will be used for Habitat homes being built by Chapter 444. Currently there are two chapter builds remaining in 2009; one in Cheboygan, MI (Aug 30 – Sept 11) and the other in Gastonia, NC (Sept 21 – Oct 3). The builds offer an opportunity for a personal contribution of time, resources and talent to the betterment of society.

If you would like more information about Chapter 444 activities or Habitat for Humanity, please contact me at judymayo@

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