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Serpentine Belt Life Span

Q: I have a Holiday Rambler. I have three questions. (1) When should I change the serpentine belt? I check it regularly and currently have 50K and 4 years. (2) The manual says change engine oil 15K or one year. Should I change it sooner than that? (3) Can I go farther than 5K before I grease the universal on the drive shaft?

A: As far as the serpentine belt it just goes, by the cracks or wearing on it. Cummins does not state a time to change it. As far as the grease, if you do your oil once a year and are doing it around the 10,000 to 12,000 mile area, then as long as you have your full chassis lubed at that time, you should be fine.

J. D. Adams, an RV technician at Elkhart Service and Collision.
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