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Policy for National Events


Payments may be made with a credit card on-line ( or by phone (877-702-5415 toll-free), by check send to HRRVC Office, PO Box 3028, Elkhart, IN 46515 or at the Events Table at National Rallies.

RALLIES (including tours):

Registration & Payment Schedule
All Rally and tour fees must be paid in full at registration. A registration receipt and information packet will be sent to you after that time.

Cancellation Policy
A $25 cancellation fee will be applied to any Rally cancellation received within two (2) weeks of the Rally start date. Tour cancellations will be accepted prior to the Rally only. 30-90 days before the tour, 15% of the tour cost deducted plus any incurred costs. Less than 30 days before the tour, 30% of the tour cost deducted plus any incurred costs.


Each event has a maximum limit of units (or people) allowed on the event. Maximum limit is based on a variety of situations, such as number of tickets available for a performance, motor coach seating, campground space availability, etc.

Registration & Payment
Schedule A Deposit of 15% of the event fee, or a minimum of $200 is due with a registration for a Caravan or Adventure. 35% of the event fee is due 180 days prior to the event. The final balance is due 120 days prior to the event. If registering after the payment due dates of 180 or 120 days prior to the event, the full amount due up to that date will be required with the registration. Payment reminders will be issued two weeks prior to each due date. Failure to make the required payments could result in being removed from the event.

Cancellation Policy
Charges are based on the date the HRRVC club office receives the notification. All cancellations must be made prior to start of the event. 180 days or more prior to event, $50 cancellation fee plus incurred costs. 179-120 days prior to event, $100 cancellation fee plus any incurred costs. 119-45 days prior to event, 15% of total event fee plus any incurred costs. Under 45 days prior to event, 30% of total event fee plus any incurred costs.

Non HR Owners
Participation in all HRRVC Caravans and Adventures is open to Non Holiday Rambler RV owners provided the following stipulations are met.

  1. The non Holiday Rambler RV owner must be a friend of a Holiday Rambler owner who is participating in the event.
  2. The Non-owner must pay an additional $100.00 for events priced at $1,500.00 or less and an additional $200.00 for events priced at $1,501.00 or more.


There will be a limit of one transfer per member within same calendar year. Both events must be established events recognized by the HRRVC Club Office. Transfers may not be made to reduce or eliminate published cancellation fees.

Standby Policy
A waiting list will be maintained for every HRRVC Rally, Caravan and Adventure. All available spaces will be filled from that list. As people move into the #1 waiting list position, the HRRVC Club Office will notify them. Payment in full will be required prior to attending the event.

NOTE: If you are on the waiting list and no available space opens, you will receive a full refund.

If you must cancel from an event, call the HRRVC Club Office as soon as possible. After notifying the Office, you must follow-up with a notice in writing. You may do this by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), fax (574-295-9802) or regular mail (PO Box 3028, Elkhart, IN 46515). Persons failing to attend the event, without prior notification, will forfeit 50% of total fees, plus any incurred costs.


These policies are necessary because of the numerous financial commitments and deposits required during the preparation or planning stages of these events, which are non-refundable to the Club.

HRRVC has planned these events based upon certain assumptions, including a minimum number of participants. On occasion, circumstances arise which make an event, for financial or other reasons, not feasible. Accordingly, HRRVC reserves the right, at its discretion, to cancel an event for any reason, at any time and without obligation.

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